All new functions in spring 2024


In the first quarter of 2024, we regularly released new functions and are excited to give you a summary here. If you want to receive faster updates, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, where we regularly post short videos and stories.

Manual labelling for item designations

You can now manually assign item designations for feed-in elements. To do this, select the option “Manual assignment of item designations” to display the corresponding input fields.

Meter with bus connection / smart meter

You will now find the “Bus connection” item in the meter options. From here you can choose from all the KNX lines you have created as well as “Other bus systems” (e.g. for ModBus). A cross-reference will automatically be inserted in the drawing.

Transformer meter

You can now also change the meter from direct metering to transformer metering under “Type”. New fields that then appear allow the voltage tap to be configured.

It is common practice to install a separate 3-pole protection device in new installations. You can select three individual phases from three separate protection devices for retrofitting.

In the diagram, transformer meters will now be drawn in the current path and the power supply will also be cross-referenced. This option can be combined with the bus connection to enable SmartMeter transformer metering.

New (sub) type for surge protection

There is now a 3+1 surge protection option available as a new subtype for TT networks.

Each subtype is represented by a customised symbol in the diagram

Interfaces with

Jetplan is a software program that enables installation plans (floor plans with electrical symbols) to be created quickly and easily. A wiring diagram can be generated from the layout data and planned functions.

To start with, we concentrated on an interface for conventional installations and will be expanding this for smart homes over the course of the year.

For conventional installations, one RCD per floor and one supply line for loads per room is to be planned, taking into account other special functions (e.g. cooker junction boxes) and protection devices configured in Jetplan.

The interface can be activated at the top right of the menu under “Interfaces”.

You can then select the Jetplan import when creating a new project. The tool will then ask you for the export file from Jetplan.

CEE sockets

CEE sockets can now also be configured for use on small wall distributions. You will find the option as a subtype in the DIN-rail/CEE sockets. Please note that CEE sockets outside the distribution should be configured as an outgoing terminal block.

Restrictions on the demo version

The demo version of stromlaufplan now allows the creation of up to 20 protection devices and 20 terminal blocks (previously this was unlimited).
We are still a big fan of being able to thoroughly test a tool with all its functions, but we would like to restrict the use of the trial version for complete planning without purchasing a licence.

Enjoy the new functions!

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